Who’s Who


Laurie Kracko, President


Westchester, NY native Laurie Kracko has a degree & background in Communications and Business Management.  In 2009, Laurie and a partner opened City Sprint & Safety Supply.  With a warehouse in Long Island City, City Sprint sold safety & construction supplies to job sites in Manhattan.  When an opportunity came her way, Laurie sold the business and was ready to take on her next venture. In April of 2015, Laurie purchased Modern Paint & Hardware Corporation and along with her father formed The Modern Paint Group and expanded from one location to eight in under a year.  Laurie oversees the daily operations and all financial aspects of the company.

Maura McCosker, Chief Operating Officer


As Chief Operating Officer, Maura is involved in every aspect of the daily operations of The Modern Paint Group, LLC. A source of pride for Maura is the relationships she has built with her clients, employees and vendors over the past thirty plus years, based on integrity, compassion and hard work.

Maura dreamed of expanding Modern Paint and Hardware across the region. She began her career at age 12, with her first part-time job mixing paint and selling hardware in their flagship location in New Rochelle. Having been part of the family owned business from 1978 – 2009, Maura learned every aspect of the business – – greeting customers, mixing paint, paying vendors, negotiating health benefits, even soldering water pipes. When her family sold the business in 2009, Maura stayed on as general manager and color consultant, doing what she always had done – running the store, working hard and smart, and holding onto that dream of building something amazing. Today, the original New Rochelle store is 90 years old, and the Group’s expansion continues a proud tradition.