Design Department

MODERN PAINT GROUP is proud to introduce the Modern Private Label line of interior primers and finishes. Partnering with California Paint, we are able provide the Professional and DIY Homeowner coatings that offers the durable finish, strong adhesion, and maximum coverage similar to paints sold at a much higher price. Our coatings are formulated using Multi-Lobed Acrylic Resin Technology, which allows for easier flow and application, as well as, the strength behind the stain resistance/release, hiding coverage, and superior adhesion.

Modern Private Label Primers
We offer many primers that are formulated to handle any interior project. Designed in mind to meet the high production requirements of Contractors, and the quality requirements of the property owner.

UNIVERAL PRIMER – This revolutionary pure acrylic primer provides maximum sealing and adhesion to all surfaces including many hard and glossy finishes.

ENAMEL UNDERCOATER – Formulated for virtually any interior surface. For use under any topcoat including alkyd, latex, urethane, catalyzed epoxy and aliphiatic urethane finishes.

PRIMER/SEALER – A professional grade latex first coat. Fast drying formula allows the primer and finish coat to be applied on the same day.

STAIN KILLER PRIMER – An odorless waterborne alkyd used to block most types of bleeding stains. 30 minute dry.

Modern Private Label Finishes
Premium 100% acrylic waterborne finishes offering superior quality and value. Available in MATTE, EGGSHELL, SATIN, and SEMIGLOSS. Multi-Lobed Acrylic Resin formula provides exceptional stain resistance/release, unparalleled performance/durability, maximum sealing, adhesion, breathe-ability, flexibility, and color retention. The smooth flowing formula is easier to apply, quick drying, and high hiding that saves time and money compared to other more expensive paint brands.